22 September 2013

L'amour Loves - Evans Ankle Boots

by Aimee L'amour

As the weather starts to turn, my fashion focus has switched from floaty fun summer brights to wardrobe staples that will see me through the Vancouver downpour that is inevitably heading my way.

As I've written here a few times before, having "larger than average' feet is a pain in the proverbial and means I usually start looking for winter boots around July in the hope that I will find some fashionable styles that fit by my style and my feet sometime before Christmas.

I've already had a good few weeks on the great fall boot hunt and was starting to get a bit down at the options available to me (sorry - cant do 6inch heels to work...) when I came across these gorgeous Black Glitter Ankle Boots from Evans and bought them on sight.

One of the things I worry about buying shoes online is that although some retailers claim to offer larger sizes, they really aren't that large at all and are very often quite narrow. However, as Evans specialises in larger and wider footwear I felt confident ordering these glitzy additions to my shoe closet and can't wait for them to arrive!

I think they're going to look fab swinging from a stool in a cocktail bar while I shelter from the rain...

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Evans Black Glitter Mix Ankle Boots - $74 CAD

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