6 October 2013

Forever 21+ Lace Skater dress - Lumps, bumps & all.

I've noticed a topic of conversation coming up more frequently when talking to friends these days. I wonder if it is to do with my age, my life choices moving so far away from home or perhaps plain old life experience that brings it to the forefront, but more often than not my girlfriends and I are discussing body confidence, self belief and acceptance.
We are all different. We are different shapes and sizes, have different routines and different experiences and neuroses that shape us but we are all in agreement, our bodies will no longer define our happiness.
I have come to understand that my body is not a physical representation of my value or worth. It has taken some time, rather shockingly, for me to expect to be treated with equal respect to everyone else and to not dismiss myself as "the fat friend" but I can say the journey has been well worth it.

Since moving to Canada my weight has fluctuated and I was worried that with each pound my confidence would slowly be diminished. With your support I can say I'm happier than ever. You may notice over coming months a larger fitness focus from me, especially on my social media channels. Please know that we all know when we feel our healthiest and sometimes need to redress the balance, but no matter how many pounds up or down my value and self worth remains the same.

I love this Forever 21+ lace sleeve skater dress, lumps, bumps and all.

Forever,21,+,Plus,Fancy,Lace,Sleeve,Skater,Dress,Spiked Moto,Jacket,Material,Girl,Black,Boots,Aimee,Lamour,Fashion,Style,Fatshion,Canada,Blogger

Forever,21,+,Plus,Fancy,Lace,Sleeve,Skater,Dress,Spiked Moto,Jacket,Material,Girl,Black,Boots,Aimee,Lamour,Fashion,Style,Fatshion,Canada,Blogger


Lace Sleeve Skater Dress - Forever 21+ (Similar here) / Spiked Moto Jacket - Forever 21+
/Black Platform Ankle Boots - Material Girl (Similar here) / Insect Belt - New Look (Old)
1 October 2013

Dressed for Success - the Powerfit dress from Scarlett & Jo

I know I say this a lot, but I've had a lot going on recently. I love blogging, but there are only so many hours in a day and sometimes something has to give. Recently, it's been my blog and as a result I haven't been able to share what I've been up to so much either here on on social media.

I blog because I enjoy it, but I also work full time and have a few other side projects on the go. Recently, I was invited to attend an interview for a new, exciting job but found my nerves around what to wear overshadowed my nervousness for the interview itself. I think it can be easy to look older than your age when dressing "interview smart" and it's important to show your personality when meeting someone for the first time that you could potentially be working with 8 hours a day, 5 days a week.

I had a few options, so I sent my friend some photos of my outfits to get some feedback from an outside perspective. She chose this Scarlett & Jo Blueberry Powerfit dress from their new Powerfit collection and it worked a treat - I got the job and I'm excited to start with my new company next week! I'm the kind of girl that likes a challenge and I'm excited to turn my hand to something new.

In true Vancouver fashion, it's poured down all week so my other half snapped these photos outside in the rain as I left. Word to the wise, standing outside having your photo taken in the cold and rain = a flu monstrosity. In fact, I'm pretty sure I'm posting this from my deathbed.

Incidentally, this week also marked our 2 year Canadian anniversary. 2 years! Where has the time gone? I can't imagine ever going back home these days, although I'm super excited to visit everyone at Christmas (and hopefully meet up with some UK Bloggers!) What a wonderful experience it's been.

Office,Wear,Work,illusion,red,head,Canada,Blog,Plus,Size,Fatshion,Vancouver,Fashion,Dressed,Success,Blueberry,Powerfit,dress,Scarlett,Jo,Evans,Aimee,L'amour Office,Wear,Work,illusion,red,head,Canada,Blog,Plus,Size,Fatshion,Vancouver,Fashion,Dressed,Success,Blueberry,Powerfit,dress,Scarlett,Jo,Evans,Aimee,L'amour 
Powerfit dress c/o of Scarlett & Jo
22 September 2013

L'amour Loves - Evans Ankle Boots

by Aimee L'amour

As the weather starts to turn, my fashion focus has switched from floaty fun summer brights to wardrobe staples that will see me through the Vancouver downpour that is inevitably heading my way.

As I've written here a few times before, having "larger than average' feet is a pain in the proverbial and means I usually start looking for winter boots around July in the hope that I will find some fashionable styles that fit by my style and my feet sometime before Christmas.

I've already had a good few weeks on the great fall boot hunt and was starting to get a bit down at the options available to me (sorry - cant do 6inch heels to work...) when I came across these gorgeous Black Glitter Ankle Boots from Evans and bought them on sight.

One of the things I worry about buying shoes online is that although some retailers claim to offer larger sizes, they really aren't that large at all and are very often quite narrow. However, as Evans specialises in larger and wider footwear I felt confident ordering these glitzy additions to my shoe closet and can't wait for them to arrive!

I think they're going to look fab swinging from a stool in a cocktail bar while I shelter from the rain...

Evans,Black,Glitter,Ankle,Boots,Aimee,Lamour,Canadian,Plus,Size Fashion,Blog,wide,large,size,big,larger,Vancouver,Shoes
Evans Black Glitter Mix Ankle Boots - $74 CAD
8 September 2013

Old Navy Plus launches in Canada!

Exciting news! Old Navy has launched it's popular plus size line in Canada!

If you've read my blog in the past or follow me on twitter, you've probably noticed that I get really frustrated when awesome American brands either don't offer shipping to Canada, or charge a ridiculous shipping fee for the privilege of me shopping with them. So I was super excited when Old Navy made their Plus Size collection available to Canadians, with Canadian shipping options!

The collection which is available exclusively online and offers up to a size 30, focuses on accessible fashion at great prices (they currently have a 30% off sale!)
The line also offers free shipping on orders over $50 across Canada and best of all free returns by post or in store, so everyone can take advantage of their great offers!

Now I didn't want to tell you about the new line without trying it out for myself, so I decided to put Old Navy's extensive plus size jeans collection to the test. They offer a wide range of jeans options, from colourful printed skinnies to classic bootcut and casual boyfriend jeans, so I placed my order for a couple of pairs online to experiment with different looks to see me through fall.



*This post is sponsored by Old Navy
by Aimee L'amour
29 August 2013

Dear shoe shops, love a girl with Big Feet

Growing up I didn't wear heels. In fact despite a cupboard full or gorgeous shoes, I still rarely wear heels and usually reserve them for occasions when I know someone won't suggest we "go for a little stroll." I never lernt to walk in them, because growing up they were never available in my size.

Shoe shopping is still somewhat traumatic for me. Being told to "try the mens section" takes me straight back to being 12 years old. Every September my mom and I would start the hunt for shoes for the new school year. Each year was the same, and in the stores I would be shown the selection of slippers (yes, really) and stripper shoes available to me. Inevitably it always ended in tears and the frustration would leave feeling inadequate and freakish.

Although plus size clothing has come a long way, footwear for people over a UK size 8 (US Size 10) is still so far behind. Although I'm grateful to the retailers that have noticed that women are taller and have bigger feet than ever before, I am sick to death of not being able to try shoes on before I buy them, being restricted to online shopping and having to start looking for winter boots in July, just to give me a fighting chance of finding something fashionable I might like in my size.

In some ways I feel completely betrayed. My shoe size has been the same since I was 12 years old and is probably the one thing about myself I cant change. However, when dinner party conversations turn to "if you could change one thing...' my answer is always the same.

I am tired of having shop assisstants do a double take when I ask if they stock my size, I am offended that many go on to try and sneak a look at my feet. I am frustrated that retailers advertise their larger sizes but only stock one pair in each style. Why should I have to plan to be the first and only customer for those shoes? I don't want to try your other store in the next town. I don't want to order them online and wait 10 days for delivery. I just want stylish shoes. For my feet. That fit. And I want them now.

I am not my dress size. I am not my shoe size.

Dress-H&M / Belt-New Look / Shoes-ASOS.
Bitch Face-My own.
25 August 2013

L'amour Loves - Simply Be Red Check Skater Dress

by Aimee L'amour

I said in an interview recently that the trend I was most excited about for Fall/Autumn was the re-working of punk. I was massively influenced by Punk music and female icons like Debbie Harry and Brody Dalle in my teenage years and definitely owned my fair share of tartan and safety pins!

This time around I'm excited to rework punk into a more modern, edgy yet chic look and I love some of the great pieces that retailers have already started to make available, with this cute Red Check Skater Dress from Simply Be topping my list.

This dress will look great dressed down with bare legs and pumps while the sun is still shining and even better with a pair of Studded Ankle Boots and opaque tights once the colder weather sets in. I'm almost, almost looking forward to fall!



**Added Bonus** - The boots are available up to a UK Size 9/US Size 11 and in E and EE wider fits - which means I can wear them, woooo!
22 August 2013

Top 5 Moisturisers for Very Dry Skin

Living with extremely dry skin.

by Aimee L'amour

I've tried every moisturiser out there. All of them. From drug store to homemade to crazy expensive - you name them, I've tried them. So, I'm changing it up a bit today with a beauty post - I can't be the only one with extremely dry skin and I'd love to save someone else the hassle (and expense) of trying out all the creams on the market.

Personally, I first noticed a change in my skin as a teen. Most of my friends were concerned that their faces were too oily and got annoyed that I wasn't prone to the same outbreaks as them, but for me not moisturising meant my sensitive skin would literally flake off. Gross, I know.

Over the years I've come to learn that a lot of the moisturisers advertised for "very dry skin" are actually just regular formulas re-branded. I've also learnt to stick to unscented or un-perfumed creams as they are less likely to inflame my skin and cause nasty red blotches. (I once made the mistake of washing my face with the soap from a bathroom soap dispenser and literally burnt the top layer of my skin off. Another gross out - sorry).

I'm hoping that the constant moisturising and lack of tanning will leave me with younger looking skin in my old age but we'll see!

So I've narrowed it down and here are my Top 5 moisturisers for very dry skin.

1. E45 Moisturising Lotion

E45,Moisturising,Moisturiser, Moisturizing,Moisturizer,Lotion,Cream,Perfume,free,hypoallergenic,very,dry,skin,eczema,top,5,beauty,advice,review,Aimee,Lamour,Plus,Size,Fashion,Blog,BloggerE45,Moisturising,Moisturiser,Emoiletn,Wash,Moisturizing,Moisturizer,Lotion,Cream,Perfume,free,hypoallergenic,very,dry,skin,eczema,top,5,beauty,advice,review,Aimee,Lamour,Plus,Size,Fashion,Blog,Blogger
This is by far my absolute favourite and I've been using it for well over 10 years. The E45 Moisturising lotion is perfume free and hypoallergenic. It's super hydrating and unlike most moisturisers, isn't that greasy. In fact it soaks into my skin well enough that I can put it on before I do my make up and after 10 minutes I'm good to start applying. I've also used their shower wash and intense repair creams if I have a really bad patch. Unfortunately I can't find this line anywhere in Canada, but I still get my mom to bring some bottles whenever she comes out!

2. Eucerin Complete Repair Cream

Eucerin,Complete,Repair,Moisturising,Moisturiser, Moisturizing,Moisturizer,Lotion,Cream,Perfume,free,hypoallergenic,very,dry,skin,eczema,top,5,beauty,advice,review,Aimee,Lamour,Plus,Size,Fashion,Blog,BloggerEucerin,Original,Moisturising,Moisturiser, Moisturizing,Moisturizer,Lotion,Cream,Perfume,free,hypoallergenic,very,dry,skin,eczema,top,5,beauty,advice,review,Aimee,Lamour,Plus,Size,Fashion,Blog,Blogger

After much trial and error, Eucerin has become my go to brand in Canada. Their formulas are thick, creamy and unscented and you really notice the difference straight away. The Eucerin formulas tend to be a little on the greasy side so I use these creams at night rather than in the morning as they dont work well with make up over the top. My go to cream is the Eucerin Complete Repair Lotion,  but if you are prone to eczema, try out their Aquaphor Healing Skin Ointment. It's designed for very dry lips but I swear it works miracles on tough eczema patches.

3. Aveeno Skin Relief Moisturizing Lotion

Aveeno,Relief,Moisturising,Moisturiser, Moisturizing,Moisturizer,Lotion,Cream,Perfume,free,hypoallergenic,very,dry,skin,eczema,top,5,beauty,advice,review,Aimee,Lamour,Plus,Size,Fashion,Blog,Blogger

The Aveeno line is so popular you can buy it in practically any drug store or supermarket. They're also very reasonable and for that reason I recommend their Skin Relief Moisturizing Lotion. I found this particular lotion very calming, however it works as well as a lot of other Shea butter based creams and doesn't get to the root of the problem for extremely dry skin like some of my other formulas. This is a great moisturizer if you are just prone to dry skin here and there or during winter and find the full on hydration of a dermatological cream too greasy.

4. Grape Seed Oil

Grape,Seed,Oil,Moisturising,Moisturiser, Moisturizing,Moisturizer,Lotion,Cream,Perfume,free,hypoallergenic,very,dry,skin,eczema,top,5,beauty,advice,review,Aimee,Lamour,Plus,Size,Fashion,Blog,Blogger

Grape Seed Oil was one of those "celebrity beauty  tips" I read about in a magazine one time and decided to give it a go. At around $6 a bottle it hardly breaks the bank and a bottle lasts forever! I use mine to make homemade face scrubs that are a) natural and b) hydrating for my sensitive skin. Try mixing it with brown sugar to create a quick and easy facescrub that will leave you with perfectly exfoliated and hydrated skin.

5. Argan Oil
Josie,Maran,Argan,Oil,Moisturising,Moisturiser, Moisturizing,Moisturizer,Lotion,Cream,Perfume,free,hypoallergenic,very,dry,skin,eczema,top,5,beauty,advice,review,Aimee,Lamour,Plus,Size,Fashion,Blog,Blogger

I was given a sample of the Josie Maran Argan Oil as my Sephora Points gift once and discovered not only is Argan Oil good for your hair, but it works wonders as a facial moisturizer. Argan Oil sinks into your skin quickly so it doesnt feel overly greasy and you only need a couple of drops for it to be effective. At $48 for 50ml, it's not the cheapest of options so sometimes I'll use the Moroccan Oil I use on my hair by just wiping the excess on my hands onto my face - works a treat!

What are your tips for dealing with very dry skin?

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